克兰菲尔德 supports events and initiatives regionally and nationally that promote and celebrate women in science, 技术, 工程和数学(STEM)学科和职业.

澳门太阳集团城致力于鼓励下一代学习STEM学科, hosting an event on campus to inspire girls aged 12-14 to consider non-traditional careers, 尤其是在STEM领域, and 12 of our scientists recently took to specially-made soapboxes in the Centre:MK to give shoppers an insight into the research being undertaken in and around Milton Keynes. 

在2022年,澳门太阳集团城赢得了资助 英国文化协会STEM女性奖学金项目奖 并欢迎了四位土耳其学者来到克兰菲尔德. The programme aims to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM and increase opportunities for them to advance in the field.

We have received an Athena Swan Bronze award for our commitment to advancing women's academic and research careers in STEM, and are proud to have had two of our colleagues named in the Daily Telegraph's 2017 'Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35' list.

Read an interview with Professor 简Rickson创作 - Chair of Soil Erosion and Conservation and President Elect for the Institution of Agricultural Engineering

What’s the best thing about working in science, 技术, engineering and maths (STEM)?

我认为STEM是跨学科和多学科, 因此,它可以帮助解决世界上许多最棘手的挑战. 在我的工作中, 科学的理解被用来开发技术来解决这些问题, including how to produce enough food and energy to meet increasing global demands; how to reverse the loss of natural ecosystems; and how to cope with climate change and extreme weather events. 由此可见,许多解决方案需要工程方法. 

What was it that most appealed to you and how did you get in to the job you’re in now?

I am fascinated by how scientific principles can be applied in practice to develop technologies to solve important problems. 例如, 澳门太阳集团城必须了解基本的化学, 土壤退化过程的生物学和物理学(e.g. soil erosion) at the particle scale to predict when and where the problem might be significant. 澳门太阳集团城也可以用数学模型来检验澳门太阳集团城的预测是否可靠. The scientific understanding of processes helps us design technological interventions such as erosion control blankets and soil conditioners to control the processes of erosion.

有没有什么特别有影响力的人鼓励过你? 或是任何阻碍你进步的人?

我的第一个影响者是我的学校老师, who encouraged my enthusiasm towards protecting and improving our natural resources. Since then I have always been fortunate to work with inspiring scientists and engineers.


我在克兰菲尔德已经呆了30年了,没有哪两天是一样的! 我的工作包括研究、培训/教学和咨询. My research looks at fundamental and applied soil science at a range of spatial and temporal scales. 它的重点是评估, monitoring and management of soil resources to aid better understanding of soil functions and their role in agricultural production systems. 

我对土壤质量和土壤健康的概念很感兴趣, and how these are linked to the delivery of vital and ecosystem goods and services, 比如粮食生产, 通过碳储存调节水资源和减缓气候变化. 我的研究还涉及土壤退化对土壤质量的影响, 以及如何利用技术来解决这些问题. 我与农业密切合作, 包括农民, 种植者, 土地所有者, 食品加工商, 陆基慈善机构, 零售商与消费者.

It has been suggested that until STEM industries improve their approach to flexible working, 女人们对这类工作不会有好感. 你对此有什么感受?

It is vital that employers take a flexible approach, especially with working parents (men and women). An explicit commitment to flexible working would make an employer more attractive to prospective employees. It would also help retain employees in the longer term and improve their motivation and job satisfaction. I was very fortunate that 克兰菲尔德 is supportive to me with my family commitments.

一种建议是政策制定者, educators and the industry should make better connections between STEM and broader social impact. Do you think that would make a difference to the career aspirations of girls and women?

我认为这很重要,与性别无关! 是的,知道你的工作有影响力会是一个很大的动力. 例如,这得到了研究委员会的认可, who require all proposals to have a ‘Pathways to Impact’ section in the research application. 思考你的研究将如何影响整个社会总是件好事.

There is a lot of encouragement of girls to study STEM subjects at the moment; however, 我认为,挑战不是让女孩开始行动, 但要确保他们完成比赛. I consider flexible working as an essential element to keep women in STEM industries, 特别是对那些有父母或照顾责任的人.

Tosin Somorin博士,能源系统研究员